Friday, March 5, 2010

A beginning (of sorts)

Here will be the receptacle into which I pour my ideas about gaming, illustration, aesthetics and various miscellany. I'm tentative about making the first steps, a few things need to be put in place before everthing can flow naturally and smoothly towards its destination, however, some steps need to be made.


This is going to be a blog wherein I chart the development of a campaign setting/megadungeon for Labyrinth Lord called the Middenmurk. Middenmurk is a word I came up with many years ago when I was a teenager as part of a rambling, incoherent and poorly documented world-building project. I cannot remember the particular phase of my life-long process of idly dreaming up fantasy worlds to which the Middenmurk began. I can, however remember that it was the Mordor of the setting, the realm of deadly doom and darkness. I intend to build on this trope, drawing from various mythic underworlds to make a setting that is not only playable and fun, but, most importantly, puts into a concrete and playable form some of the ideas that have been floating around in my head since about 1987.

Another significant strand of this project is the illustration component. I am going to produce a product entirely illustrated by me. I have been drawing for precisely the same amount of time I have been interested in fantasy, and have spent too many years of my life studying art and trying to be an artist when what I should have been pursuing was illustration. While I was at art school, drawing monsters was considered kitsch and immature, and ,being shy as I am, I avoided delving into the delicious depths of fantasy illustration. Art school taught me a lot of things, the most important of which is the overused and terribly dorky "be true to yourself". I'm going to enjoy the process of drawing monsters and heroes, I think I am capable of turning my capacity for imagining the grotesque into a revenue stream. This blog is a step in that direction.

Finally, the Old School Renaissance is a community of people with an attitude and an aesthetic that I can really appreciate. Like a coffee-shop full of jazz mavericks, the community is rich and enthusiastic and incomprehensible at times.

I've found a bandwagon onto which I can jump. It's nice to have made a start.


  1. Jazz maverick...I guess that kind of sums me up. Cool.

  2. I have just finished reading the entirety of your blog from end to end, and I have to say...

    Great effing work, man. I don't even play RPGs (more of a miniature wargamer) but there is no mistaking excellent material. I find it very inspiring, and will be trying to inject some of this kind of flavor into my own, less-eloquent-but-still-well-meaning blog. If you'd like to check it out:

    Keep it up. More Tables! More Denizens! More Weird!

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