Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Shopping list

Bear-hunting suit
Lantern Shield

Pata, gauntlet sword from India, traditionally dual-wielded by windmilling lunatics
Tarch, Russian gauntlet/sword/shield for when you really don't want to stick your hand in there 

The notorious lantern-shield, gauntlet, spike, sword-breaker,sword combo from the Kunsthistoriches Museum in Vienna
A jack: textile armour, actually remarkably arrow-proof
Another jack, this is what light armour was really like
Polynesian coconut husk and rattan armour, primitive light armour from across ye sea

Asian ring mail, ineffective light armour for unlikable hirelings

Executioner's Sword for disobedient hirelings

Bespectacled helmets with big stupid horns actually impose a morale penalty on adversaries

Dussack, brutish simplicity of functional form epitomised

Chu-Ko-Nu, Chinese repeating crossbow, short range, very inaccurate but very high ROF

Fairly ridiculous halberd

Grenado, note shrapnel segments

Cranequin Arbalest, a beautiful piece of killing technology

Various nasty flails

Mustachioed helmets impose a more severe morale penalty

Armour for Dwarfs, halflings and belligerent children

Extra thick sapper's armour, bullet proof but obscenely heavy

One of these things

These are the tools of whatever passed for the constabulary of feudal Japan. On the left is a tsukubo, essentially a mancatcher, designed to get caught in the garments of the criminal and twisted to immobilised the individual, though I am sure this thing could be used to batter someone to death should the need arise. The middle weapon translates as "sleeve-entangler" though I imagine you could get it entangled in someone's ligaments if need be. The third weapon I don't know.


  1. Replies
    1. I'd love to see a compilation of all the super-exotic armours from around the world. Not so appropriate for grimdark European-style D&D but it definitely has its place

  2. Haha. Belligerent children!
    They should hand that stuff out on Sports Day.

  3. The 3rd one (sasumata according to wiki) was used to pin an arm, neck or leg to a wall. Like you would have a bunch of the guards/constabulary/whatever with them and you would surround the rogue samurai and hem them in until they were backed into a wall , where there you could pin them and then disarm them.
    These methods were specifically developed against samurai. Anyone else you could just club in the head and throw in jail. You do that to wrong nobles son however and you are going to be examining your entrails by royal decree.