Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Plug: Last Gasp Grimoire

Get ye forth and visit Logan Knight's site;


It's a gorgeous site and Logan is very clever. He has just a little bit of body horror going on, by which I mean his mind is an abbatoir of abominations loathsome to behold. He's a capital fellow, though, and seems to exorcise all his demons into horrifically mentally scarring random tables which will seriously fuck you up if you read them.

The stuff is surreal and demonic and hilarious...

"Your lips seal shut like they never existed and your tongue seems to double in size, it's moving around your mouth and feels like it's getting bigger, it's trying to choke you. If you bite your tongue in half you'll find that your mouth is full of black, legged maggots, and your lips were never sealed shut.
50% chance you really did bite your tongue in half"


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