Sunday, December 12, 2010

Khju Again

Khju looks at people the way people look at vegetables.

Khju: God of Subjugation

Symbol: None
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: Fly 60’ (20’)
Armor Class: 0
Hit Points (Hit Dice): 24 (184hp)
Attacks: Spells
Damage: By Spell
Save: M24
Morale: 9
Hoard Class: nil
XP: 14750

Khju hulks comatose in an abominable tarry cyst in the bowels of the earth. He appears as a huge (50' high) chitinous tentacled thing. He is known to become active for short periods of time only after inactive periods of centuries or millennia and only when the world is wracked by catastrophic vulcanism. Khju seems to require boiling mud, poisonous fumes and a sky dimmed by ash to endure the atmosphere of the upper world. At such times, however, he will arise in horrific majesty to wreak destruction on the surface.

The worship of Khju is associated with slaves and outcasts who yearn for a great catastrophe to bring about the collapse of civilisation. The exact nature of the god is rarely completely comprehended by the worshippers as his manifestations are shrouded by chaos and a web of deadly sorcery which few survive. His practice is to parasitise populations, using magic to draw in as many living beings as possible to be consumed before Khju must descend again to his prison.

In any given year there is a 0.1% chance (rolled on d1000%) that sufficient vulcanism will occur to allow Khju to awaken and pass out of his prison and into the upper world. He will arise for 3d10 days and immediately begin to weave a web of magic to draw in and enslave all intelligent beings.

Khju has the inherent capacity to cast any 8th-level magic spell at will once per round. These are;

Clenched Fist (Coiled Tentacle)
Glass Like Steel
Incendiary Cloud
Irresistible Dance
Mass Charm
Mind Blank
Polymorph Any Object
Trap the Soul

Immediately upon his manifestation Khju will begin to weave sorceries to draw in victims. He will Mass Charm as many sentient beings as possible then bid them bring in more victims. Ultimately, his intent is to trap as many souls as possible (using Trap the Soul) for consumption. He will busily float about erecting menhirs enchanted with Sympathy or Antipathy and inscribing Symbols of despair, fear and insanity across the landscape, creating a web of powerful magic to ensnare his prey. Khju will also, somewhat inscrutably, Polymorph animals, plants and other objects into weird living sculptures, destroying anything he does not change with Incendiary Clouds. Within a day the landscape for a mile around Khju will be a smoking wasteland filled with the mewling aberrations where sooty thralls jog about on missions to bring in more followers.

Khju is a being of an entirely different order of reality, as such; his relationship with sentient beings is entirely instrumental. He has no capacity for sympathy or understanding. To Khju, living things are resources to be utilised. His actions are bent on organising a means of harvesting as many souls as possible within his brief sojourn on the surface world.

Reaction Table 1d4

1. Khju consumes the character immediately
2-3. Khju Charms the character and instructs it to go forth and gather followers
4. Khju Polymorphs the character into something unspeakable.


  1. Perfect for any campaign. Probably ever more perfect for campaigns in which one would think him entirely inappropriate.

    Mewling abberations and sooty, jogging thralls are very immersive I think.

    ps Welcome back!

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